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Programme title: GEMINI-CONICYT fund – National Programme for the Development of Astronomy and Related Sciences
Acronym: GEMINI
Programme owner: CONICYT
Description: Strengthens research, dissemination, academia and formation of human resources, all related to observation and theoretical astronomy, or akin sciences, carried out at academic institutions along Chile
Conditions: The application must enclose a letter of commitment issued by the respective sponsoring institution, plus the PI’s CV including his/her research performance for the last five years
Deadline: No Deadline
How to apply: Applications must be submitted via the online system available at according to the instructions outlined for this call
Budget: Up to USD$93.750 (est.) per year to cover the researchers´ incentives, travel expenses, operational costs, equipment, software, training, publications and dissemination expenses
Programme information: LINK


Organisation: CONICYT
Address: Calle Bernarda Morin 551, Providencia Santiago Chile


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