Programme Information:

Programme title: Programme for International Scientific Cooperation
Acronym: PCCI
Programme owner: CONICYT and counterpart agencies
Description: This funding scheme seeks to support the exchange of researchers from Chile and the following countries: Germany, Argentina, Colombia, France and Mexico. It aims to bolster the generation and strengthening of investigation lines between research teams in Chile and the counterpart country. PCCI funds the mobility of the researchers involved in the proposal.
Conditions: PI and at least one of the co-researchers must be working in the Chilean research center that sponsors the project. The proposal must be submitted to both CONICYT and the counterpart foreign institution.
Deadline: 04-06-2014
How to apply: The proposal must be submitted in either Spanish or English via the application form provided on the online system available at
Budget: Fares for the Chilean outgoing researchers and per diem allowance for the incoming foreigner researchers. Amounts depending on destination and counterpart agency
Programme information: LINK


Organisation: CONICYT
Address: Moneda 1375, Santiago Chile


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