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Programme title: SD Tech Fund (Sustainable Development Technology Fund)
Acronym: SD Tech Fund
Programme owner: Sustainable Devleopment Technology Canada
Description: SDTC's SD Tech Fund finances the gap between between development and demonstration of emerging sustainable development technologies. The objective is to increase the project's chance of success in the market and to help Canadian entrepreneurs carry out their innovation effrots within Canada. Only those projects involving technologies that have demonstrated their potential to meet market demand and help achieve Canada's environmental goals for reducing the effects of climate change and improving air quality are supported.
Conditions: Applicants must be part of an organized consortium that may include private companies, academic institutions, research institutes, individuals, and/or NGO's and not-for-profit organizations - representing the full spectrum of the technology's supply chain from research to manufacturing to distribution to end users. While project consortium applicants must be Canadian, any foreign entity or person may collaborate with eligible recipients in the consortium, and can contribute in-kind, cash, or advisory work, but they cannot receive direct SDTC funding.
Deadline: Deadline open
How to apply: Applicants must use the on-line system for the entire application process, beginning with the submisison of a Statement of Interest followed by the on-line application itself. All participants in a given proposal must enter into either a consortium agreement or collaborative arrangement as part of the submisison and approval process. The applicant must have confirmed Commitment Letters from all funding sources contributing funds to the project.
Budget: SDTC will fund between 30& and 50% of all direct eligible costs, provided funding is in place for the balance. Eligible costs are direct expenses for personnel and capital equipment but not general overhead and administrative costs.
Programme information: LINK


Person: Rob Barkwell
Organisation: STDC
Address: 45 O'Connor Street, Suite 1850, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1A4


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